Winter Warmer 10k Race Report

29 ARR lined up in early February for another favourite the Blackburn Winter Warmer. Runners were keeping a close eye on the weather after torrential rain and strong winds the day before the race. There was some standing water on parts of the course from the previous few days weather but on race day despite a fresh breeze the weather was kind to us!

The race started with a lap of the running track before making our way out of Witton Park to start the 400m gruelling climb up Buncer lane. The climb continued for another 500m until the Clog and Billycock is reached. It was very tempting to stop here for refreshments but runners can continue knowing that hardest part of the run is now behind them. The next 7km was almost all downhill with a short incline just before entering Witton Park again. The race finishes with another lap of the running track cheered on by lots of spectators.

A lovely medal, goody bag and a cake sale greeted the runners once they cross the finishing line.


Pos   Name   Cat   CatPos   ChipTime   
18Stephen BurtonM40(002/058)00:38:07
31Josh WoodstockM40(005/058)00:39:41
76David SavageM40(010/058)00:43:23
98Joe LambertMS(027/070)00:44:48
118Catherine DerbyshireF45(004/059)00:45:27
122Martin BlandM55(009/049)00:45:44
127Joe CurranM55(011/049)00:45:52
150Paul GallagherM60(009/026)00:47:03
181Michele BakerF55(003/028)00:48:06
203Brontie HladyshFS(005/041)00:48:34
204Wendy BarrettF35(009/040)00:48:40
216Fred GreenMS(040/070)00:49:13
248Liam ModenM55(024/049)00:50:57
288Katharine GregsonF45(014/059)00:52:22
293Shane NewtonM45(038/069)00:52:58
295Christian HillMS(049/070)00:53:06
300Stuart RamsayM45(039/069)00:53:46
354Andrew RobinsonM45(044/069)00:55:18
356Vanessa OldhamF50(006/043)00:55:25
363Rachael StrutzF40(008/031)00:55:52
388Thomas PearceMS(056/070)00:56:44
390Xuejun Shirley YuanF45(022/059)00:56:40
417David LinderMS(059/070)00:58:16
451Jonathan OldhamM50(042/054)00:59:41
469Paul JacksonM70(003/005)01:00:07
471Helen DicksonF50(017/043)01:00:36
517Pamela McCullaghF45(036/059)01:02:56
546Adrian MeltonM75(002/002)01:04:12
607Karen JacksonF60(015/018)01:09:19