Race The Train Morth Wales

Social Event

£5 - £35


About Race The Train Morth Wales

Race the Train is a 14 mile race across the Welsh countryside against a steam train along the Talyllyn Railway to Abergynolwyn and back.

Rotary Challenge ( 17+ years old)
Quarry Challenge (15+ years old)
Dolgoch Challenge (10+ years old)
Tynllwynhen Challenge (9+ years old)
Toddlers Trot

20th August 2022

Tywyn Mid-Wales

£5 - £35

The Route

Race the Train Route
The Race the Train race is an out-and-back mutli-terrain race, starting in town and heading out into the surrounding countryside. As much as possible it follows alongside the train track. The terrain is tough in parts, changing many times and including muddy and wet sections as well as rocky ground.